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"A 12 Weeks Beginner Training Program to Jump-Start your Journey and set your Fitness Foundations from A2Z."   

The A2Z Beginner-Program

What do you get from joining "Jump-Start" A2Z Beginner-Program? 
-> 5 Active Days of 35mins Follow-Along Training Modules a Week
-> 2 Rest Days of 15 min Stretching & Recovery routine 
-> 24/7 Support Access to your Coach with Nutrition Tips & Advice

It's Time to Start Jumping Rope 
and take control of your flow

Do you want to start your jumprope journey, but not sure where to start from? Are you looking for ways to improve your basics? And receive professional guidance to set a solid jumprope fitness foundation? If so, you're in the right place!


It's time to "Jump-start" your jumprope fitness journey and take full control of your flow from A2Z! 

Nail the Basics from A2Z
starting from the bottom

Jump-start is your unique opportunity to start at the very beginning of your jumprope journey and build up with a strong and solid foundation. Correct form and technique for standard jumprope movements will be constantly drilled to help you improve your timing and coordination.


This includes learning how to perform:

  • The basic jumps & footwork variations

  • The fundamental jumprope skills

  • The powerful & explosive movements 

  • The tricky transitions and manipulations

  • The best drills for beginners and much more..

Build a Solid Jumprope Fitness Foundation
as a strong, proficient, and confident athlete

Are you ready to combine the fat-burning efficiency of the jumprope with the most effective bodyweight movements?

The "Jump-Start" program strategically provides you with 5 follow-along trainings a week (35 mins or less) to help you build solid fitness foundations and enhance your full-body endurance levels.


Benefits of following the program:

  • Enhance cardio & stamina

  • Build muscle strength & endurance 

  • Improve speed, and explosive power

  • Develop timing, control & versatility

  • Grow coordination and rope-dancing skills

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Join Timeless Jump
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