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HIT The Flow

"12 weeks of High Intensity Training Flow to Help you Lose Weight & Tone your body with fast, fun music."

"The High Intensity Funky-Program ."

What do you get from joining "HIT The Flow"  Funky-Program? 
-> 5-6 Active Days a Week of 35mins Follow-Along HIT Workouts  
-> 1-2 Rest Days of 15 min Stretching & Recovery routine 
-> 24/7 Support Access to your Coach with Nutrition Tips & Meal-Plans

The Fun New Way to Get Fit
with little to no equipment at-home

Are you sick of being stuck at home not feeling in your best-shape? Tired of doing the same old workouts on your own? And looking for ways to get in-shape? If so, you're in the right place!


It's time to "HIT The Flow" and have a blast losing weight, building muscles and improving your endurance with fast, fun music!

Slay Immense Calories
and boost your metabolism like never before

Looking for ways to maximize calorie-burn in a short period of time? No sweat, we got your back! 


Our unique training methods help you boost your metabolism more effectively and burn up to 500 Calories in 35 mins or less through a high intensity workout-flow, methods include:

  • Dance Roping Cardio-Boost

  • STR8T Rope Cardio-Sculpt 

  • Skip Rope Street-KickBox

  • Full-Body Active-Burn

  • Light-Weight DB Smash

Tune-In & Tone-Out
to fast, fun and inspiring music beats

At Timeless Jump, music is more than just background music; it's your motivation that drives every repetition!

With fast, fun music adapted to your "HIT Flow", tune-in to jump to the beat, sync your movements to the rhythm of the flow and tone your body with the most effective, high definition, muscle building exercises, :

  • High-Reps To Failure

  • Jump to the Beat

  • Stamina-Blast 

  • Extreme Core & Flex

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Join The Timeless Jump Training App 
Book a free consultation to chat about your game-plan


3 Months

Save 15%

6 Months

Save 30%

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