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"A Carefully Designed Tutorials-Program to help you Master the Basics of Jumprope and unlock your skills, beginner to advanced

 in 90 days."

"The Jumprope Made Simple Mastery-Program."

What do you get from joining the "JMS90"  Mastery Program? 
-> Over One Skill a Day for 7 days a week 
-> Life-Time Access to 100+ Unique High-Quality Timeless-Tutorials

-> 24/7 Support Access to your coach to ask any question

Why reinvent the wheel of Jumprope
When you have "Jumprope Made Simple"..?

Are you trying to improve your jumprope skills and jump like a pro? Why waste years struggling on your own, trying to figure things out for yourself?


Save yourself frustrating trials & error and boring sessions using our professional blueprint to master the basics of jumprope, improve your current skills and learn new tricks, beginner to advanced!


Master the Basics of Jumprope
even though you have 0 experience..

Think jumprope is too difficult for you to learn? Think twice!


Whether you’re just a beginner or an advanced jumper, "JMS90" will walk you through step-by-step detailed tutorials (25min or less with slo-mo videos) for 7 days a week to help you learn the fundamental skills quickly & progressively.


Skills include all kinds of variations ranging from:

  • Basic Bounce & Correct Jump Form

  • Beginner to Advanced Footworks 

  • Side Swing & Crosses

  • Power Doubles & Triples

  • Transitions & Trick-shots

  • Releases & Finishers

  • Technical Combos

  • and much more

Learn over 100+ Skills in 90 days
at a fraction of time & effort

Are you ready to unlock your full potential, enhance your technical arsenal and discover the infinite world of jumprope skills?

The "JMS90" mastery-program strategically guides you through a progressive training process to keep your learning sleek & smooth.


Daily learning modules include:

  • High-quality slo-mo video from all 4 angles

  • Detailed breakdown of each step

  • Most common mistakes to avoid

  • Most important drills to practice 

  • JMS Homework of the day

  • Timeless-Tips & Tricks  

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Join Timeless Jump 
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3 Months

Save 15%

6 Months

Save 30%

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